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New Technologies in Makita Air Compressors

Most people who picture tools such as Makita air compressors, basically envision a relatively straight forward, simple contraption. A tank on wheels with a motor and an air pump stuck on top or the side of it. The truth is that there was a time, not too long ago, when this was so true, but not any more.

A New Higher Performance Level

Compressors in general have in fact become far more technologically advanced and as a result result ther’re easier to use and last so much longer. Their overall performance level, and number of things that they are capable of has also increased.

Makita Air Compressors Offer “No Oil” Air Pumps

No oil or oil-less air pumps were one of the first innovations to arrive on the scene. What a life saver too! Prior to this new technological advancement, keeping track of messy pump oil just came with the territory. Also if the compressor fell over in the back of your truck, you had a real mess on your hands.

New Easy Open Lever Condensation Drain Plugs

Another new clever innovation, is lever-lock water condensation drain releases on the bottom of air tanks. You see, as air is compressed in a tank, it causes water to build up and accumulate that has to be drained off at the end of the day. New convenient lever systems have replaced older out-dated problematic twist open plugs.

Amazing New High Pressure Technology

By far high pressure air technology has to be the not just the latest, but also the greatest new technological innovation to arrive on the scene. High pressure compressors are lighter, smaller, and yet more powerful to push more air. In fact a 1 ½ gallon tank on a high pressure compressor handles the same amount of air as standard 5 gallon tank system.

It Makes for a Smaller Lighter and Better Working Nail Gun

High pressure Makita air compressors can also run standard air tools as well, and in fact they come with a set of four air plugs. Two for high pressure and two for standard air pressure. High pressure nail guns drive nails far better, and are also 30% lighter and smaller too. They’re also better balanced and more comfortable to use.

Great Innovation With a Greater Technology

Broadband internet which is shortened to simply broadband is a high speed internet access of the most modern world. As you know, it is just contrast to the older dial up connection which uses a 56 k modern. Broadband technology supplies more than double the speed of dial ups and with no disruption for telephone use. Usually broadband uses 64 kbite per second and even up to 4 Mbite per second.

This shows its technological efficiency and clearly exhibits why the modern world is running behind the broadband. Usually here the data rates are read in the form of maximum down loads as in case of many common broadband using consumers, they use ADSL’s with slow upload rate and while supporting less on down loads. Today, broadband penetration is often considered as a leading factor for economic indication.

One of the most important aspects of Broadband is its bandwidth that most of the clients are satisfied by their available speed as the internet service providers are also very alert in providing their clients with advertised band width. The provisions of broadband are still increasing because more and more technological innovations are incorporated on to these each day. Each of the internet service providers are competing with one another so as to get clients. Broadband mostly works through ADSL’s and through cable internet.

Optical fibers and VDSL’s are the new comers here with greater efficiency. Fiber optic use has made large distance communication possible without many issues. Wi- fi is the wireless network of internet made use through copper wire technology. Anyway, the recent master of the game is the WiMAX which is deployed for stationary and mobile broadband availability. Any way broadband has made the whole process of internet connectivity easier.

Green Grassroots Innovation

This innovation shows that how a common man not only dared to venture into the area of engineering and design of internal combustion engines but also developed something unique which exploited reducing incomplete combustion of the fuel to increase the fuel efficiency of the engine unlike doing it from the exhaust side the most common direction of research by scientists and researchers of this field.

A cloth merchant by occupation and educated only till 9th standard, Arvind Janardan Khandke hails from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He has developed a check valve (non return) for internal combustion engine which apart from improving its fuel efficiency, makes it eco-friendly as well. The wet air filter of his motorcycle made him to think that some air fuel mixture is returning back and hence causing incomplete combustion due to improper mixture of air and fuel. The un-burnt fuel causes emission of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in the atmosphere causing a more serious kind of pollution. Arvind decided to develop a valve to stop the wastage due to rebound of this air-fuel mixture and came up with a check valve made of nylon and Poly Propylene.

Features and applications of the non return check valve

  • The non-return check valve can be used with both two stroke and four stroke engines.
  • This valve can be used for both petrol and diesel engines. It is fitted between air filter and carburettor and between air filter and intake manifold in case of petrol and diesel engines respectively.
  • It increases the life of filtering element of the air filter by keeping it dry.
  • This check valve needs to be replaced after every 25000 Km of drive and its cost is just Rs. 1000.
  • This green grassroots innovation has been granted patent for use on both two stroke and four stroke engines.

Evaluation and support of the non-return check valve

Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Engineering tested this check valve in its lab on premier Padmini car engine and found that it considerably improves the fuel efficiency. On road tests of the valve on the same premier Padmini car engine showed that fuel efficiency increase by 30% when the valve was used. The Government Polytechnic College of Kolhapur has also tested this non-return check valve for its eco-friendly emission claims on Enfield (350 cc) and found that there was a reduction of 19% and 82% respectively in carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons content at 2000 rpm.

Evolutions in Fabric Technology

Elbeco is a highly regarded company, making uniforms that exceed the demanding requirements of Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Postal, Tactical, and Transportation personnel throughout the United States since 1907. Elbeco is known best for their superior quality, value, and service modern technology.

Elbeco is known for delivering a quality product with extraordinary service. The inspiration for being the best, they claim, comes from their customers. Elbeco uniforms “stand for innovation, performance, honor, and pride,” just like the Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS customers, they are sworn to serve.

The Elbeco Uniform Company is known for exceeding the expectations of the most demanding jobs in America. They have provided uniforms and accessories known best for comfort, fit, performance, appearance, and durability. The company’s philosophy involves regarding the uniform as a technological innovation similar and with the same respect as a Police officer’s new and advanced weaponry, an EMT’S radio, or a Firefighters GPS or on-board computer. Like these innovations, Elbeco’s uniforms are designed to perform any duty or stand up to any outside elements more effectively and efficiently.

“Inovation Technology”

Staying current and in-demand in such a high volume, ever changing market can be very challenging. Elbeco has maintained a time honored tradition while staying on the cutting edge simultaneously. Staying abreast of current fabric innovations has resulted in trademarked Elbeco designed modern fabrics, specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of Police, firefighters and more.

Elbeco is revolutionizing duty uniforms and has been implementing many changes over the past year in order to provide the most modern and advanced uniform products on the market. Elbeco offers uniforms in a variety of fabrics, including Cotton, Wool, Polyester, Taslan, and a variety of Blends. There are a variety of advantages to each of these fabrics. Jersey knit cotton provides maximum comfort and durability with minimum care. Taslan is completely windproof as well as waterproof. Elbeco also offers options for uniforms and apparel that are sweat proof, stain resistant, machine washable, comfortable, breathable, and equipped with UPF 40+ protection.