Understanding Storage Capacities and Pricing for iCloud

With the popularity of the Apple iPhone, it’s not surprising that people use these types of phones as somewhat of a replacement for a personal computer. That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone with an iPhone will throw out their laptop or home desktop computer. However, with the ease of use and the capabilities found on these phones, statistics bear out the people are using their smartphones, especially iPhones, more and more when browsing the Internet. In addition, with improved camera and video features, people will often replace their digital camera with their iPhones. All of this equates to more data and the need for improved levels of storage.

For that reason, Apple has instituted a policy where every iPhone owner has access to a limited amount of storage on iCloud. Each user gets roughly 5 GB at no cost. For some people, this is plenty of space for things like music files or photo and video files. However, whether a person uses their phone virtually all the time or for business purposes, this limited amount of storage space may not be enough.

The good thing is that this cloud-based storage application offers a rather affordable pricing plan for people that require more storage space. Doing a search for basic icloud info, especially related to pricing, will uncover that a person can expand their storage space up to 10 times that of the free amount for $.99 per month. If an individual needs more storage, perhaps around 200 GB, the price is $2.99 per month. For even greater levels of storage, 1 TB of cloud storage cost around $10 per month.

Not only are there many levels of cloud-based storage space provided by iCloud, but the prices are extremely reasonable as well. Because these phones have so many features and so many potential applications, it’s not surprising that people are using their iPhones for more than just entertainment and phone calls. Many people use them for business purposes. With this type of usage comes higher levels of needed storage. That is why iCloud offers various storage options for extremely competitive prices. If you’re running short on storage space, you may want to check out these monthly options.